In choosing the books for Bookbag, we were careful to have a selection that would draw a young reader in. They had to be visually very appealing, they had to be fun, and they had to be of excellent quality, both in terms of writing and production.

We want each young person to be excited about the book they receive, and if we know that the book is going to make them laugh or that the illustrations are going to spark their imaginations, the book is added to the list.

Class Title Auth/ill ISBN
Junior Infants Oh no George! Chris Haughton 9781406344769
Junior Infants On the Road with Mavis and Marge Niamh Sharkey 9781406329988


Stuck Oliver Jeffers 9780007263899
Senior Infants Tiny Little Fly Kevin Waldron 9781406330977
First class The Terrible Tales of the Teenytinysaurs! Gary Northfield 9781406333268
First class The Seven Deadly Finns John Chambers 9781406350081
First class Send for a Superhero Michael Rosen 9781406355505
Second class Claude in the City Alex T Smith 9780340998991
Third class Timmy Failure: Mistakes Were Made Stephan Pastis 9781406347876
Fourth class Oliver and the Seawigs Sarah McIntyre and Philip Reeve 9780192734884
Fifth class Dead End in Norvelt Jack Gantos 9780440870043
Sixth class WARP: The Reluctant Assassin Eoin Colfer 9780141341743

As well as those books listed here, we sometimes provide a wider selection of books for the school library or in response to special needs or requests from each individual school.


In one instance, there was a need for Big Books – large scale books that can be read with junior classes – and we are currently putting together a special library of books which will help teachers talk to young people about difficult issues, using the books as a starting point.


Please note that the ISBN numbers listed here may relate to hardback editions of the book; paperback editions may also be available, and vice versa.