Bookbag at Rutland Street

“In April 2014 I was recruited by Grandmaster Book-Bagger Niamh Sharkey to join the Bookbag team.
It didn’t take much to get me on board. Not only is it a really worthwhile initiative, but the chance to doodle on giant sheets of paper with 100 energetic kids, all drawing different things and telling you stories about their characters sounded like great fun. And it was. The first school was Rutland Street which has a big affiliation with Brownbag where I have worked for the last 10 years. Many years ago Rutland provided the original voices for our short ‘Give up yer auld sins’ so it was great opportunity to meet the kids and be part of the book gifting and ‘Monster Doodle’ alongside Niamh, Children’s Books Ireland and the other Bookbaggers. It was a colourful day and the kids were very entertaining. They really engaged with us and they were so creative. We couldn’t get them away from the doodling if we tried. After the doodle each student received their very own book to take home which will hopefully set them on their way to a life time of reading. Roll on next year where we hope to grow Bookbag so it connects with many more children.’

James Stacey